Jorg Heikhaus aka Alex Diamond | #028

Jorg Heikhaus aka Alex Diamond | #028

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Ink on 220 gsm Lana Fine Art Drawing Paper

8” X 12”


Alex Diamond‘ was initiated as a stand-alone, conceptual art project by Jörg Heikhaus in 2004. Although it outlived its original intent with the release of the book and the exhibition series „Don’t worry about a thing / Being Alex Diamond“ in 2009 and 2010, it has become Jörg‘s stage name as an artist since.
Known for skillfully employing a vast variety of different techniques and crafts over the years, the majority of his oeuvre today consists of his distinctive trademark woodwork: multi-layered, meticulously and highly detailed sculptural woodcuts, blended with diverse painting and pigmenting styles.
Essentially being a determined and straightforward storyteller, most of his artwork can be seen as an exploration of our society and culture and its recurring recognition patterns, with strong references to popular content and aesthetics.
A vivid political and social unease can always be felt in the work of Alex Diamond. As an artist, he takes the responsibility to articulate his views on the pressing issues of our time seriously. An anger can be felt, but also hope and an encouragement to change. However, this depth of substance is not necessarily in the aesthetic and thus not visible foreground of his work. It rather unfolds like a good song by engaging with melody and rhythm, harmony and disharmony, text and voice.
Jörg has been an artist since 1987. He founded the internationally acclaimed heliumcowboy gallery in 2002 in his small artist studio in Hamburg St. Pauli as a unique place to show and experience art. After gradually reducing his own involvement in the galleries’ program to be able to better focus on his art, he dropped out completely in 2020 and handed over the reigns to his son Melvin Wiebigke-Heikhaus (23), to continue the success story of heliumcowboy with a fresh set of eyes and a young approach to an ever changing art