Brin Levinson

"At the heart of it, my imagery tells a story of nature reclaiming the world that humans have created. Sometimes animals simply observe this unnatural world. There is a common thread in these paintings of light bursting out of darkness. I always attempt to balance my imagery with a hopeful and inspiring tone. The light and dark contrast represents a deeper version of that. Not only do my paintings depict the victory of nature but also the curiousness of life."



Cityscapes where nature has begun to reclaim dominance is a recurring theme in Brin Levinson‘s collection of paintings. Influenced by the streets of his home town in Portland, Oregon, the artist paints familiar landmarks into his work as the old buildings and water towers are manifested into a source of nostalgic inspiration. Moody atmospheric lighting completes his surreal portraits, forcing one to face a crumbling societal infrastructure in a speculative future.

Having started his creative ventures by painting urban landscapes, Levinson found his imagery to be lacking an element of life and began to add wild animals into the composites. This approach evolved organically over time, as he began to focus his artwork on the perseverance of nature, something he see as an optimistic outcome in the eventuality of this future dystopia he’s imagined. Levinson’s vivid reflections on the fragility of both the environment and our society pushes the surreal scenarios into one’s immediate reality.

Brin lives and works in Portland, Oregon, exhibiting paintings in art shows several times a year. 

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