Evita Flores

Artist Bio

Evita Flores is an American fine artist based in The Woodlands, Texas with roots in the border city of Laredo, Texas.  She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago.  Her practice is an exploration of both her everyday and fantastical fairytale worlds she creates through painting and illustrations. 
Rosé, lace, & bows are met with a deep interest in the heavens colliding with devilish fun.  Nymphs, cosmic stars, and pastel clouds collide with more than a few horns and hearts for a not-so-innocent idea of utopia.

Killer Ride

I used to be an E- Girl and spent many hours on Tumblr in its heyday.  Killer Ride is a painting inspired by found images that fell into the Kawaii aesthetic.  I've always found something visually intriguing about morbid or violent imagery handled in somewhat of a feminine and precious manner. 

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