Bronwyn Lorelei | After Party Clean Up

Bronwyn Lorelei | After Party Clean Up

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“After Party Clean Up"
Pen and alcohol based markers on paper.


“Bronwyn Lorelei is an artist based in New Orleans. She began flourishing as an illustrator after moving to Portland, Oregon and becoming a figure model. Lorelei began to see the artistic beauty of the body that she had been ashamed of for so long. This new found confidence inspired her to create figures of women, expressing the realities of her existence whether that be "that time of the month" or struggling with anxiety. Prior to her move to Portland, Lorelei spent much of her time collaging after becoming fascinated with vintage Playboy catalogs. Some may see this as the explanation for her pornographically perceived work. However, Lorelei states that her work is more expressive than pornography in an interview with Detroit Comix Party. Her interest in sexuality started at a young age but began to be seen in a more positive light when she took ownership of her physical uniqueness.

Although she does not typically begin a piece with any political, social, or cultural issue in mind, her art inevitably addresses these topics due to the nature of her experiences. Her personal experiences with slut shaming, body-positivity, and an anxiety disorder have shaped the images she continues to create today. Fear Replaces Sleep, as shown, is one of her many works that shines a light on living with mental illness. Lorelei stated that since she started sharing her art with the Instagram community, many people have reached out and thanked her for creating pieces that are imaginative yet relatable in context. “

~Amanda Ramppen