Grady Gordon is originally from Santa Fe, NM. His art is deeply influenced by various mythologies from across the world.

Creating monotypes since 2006, Grady has honed his skills in this ephemeral art form, capturing fleeting visions that exist for a mere moment before dissolving back into the void. Each monotype is a frozen instant, a fragment of myth and imagination etched in velvety blacks. Grady's work invites the viewer to peer into dream realms, to catch glimpses of the unseen that hover at the edges of perception before vanishing once more into the mystery.

The monotype print is a study of impermanence. Unlike other forms of printmaking, the monotype offers only one copy; The original image on the plate is then given back to the ether, back into the fabric.

The images are created solely in black and white using bone black etching ink. Gordon utilizes the most crude mark-making instruments to bring about the characters that inhabit the invisible plane, working entirely by removing thick black ink from a plexiglass surface. 

Co-founder of the NEOTROGLOCISM movement - sophisticated mark-making, crude objectivity.

BFA in Illustration: CCA 2008

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9 products