Caitlin McCormack | Prince of Nothing

Caitlin McCormack | Prince of Nothing

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Prince of Nothing

Crocheted cotton string, glue, steel pins, velvet on wood

15.25H x 15.25W x 4D



Nuts and Berries:

“This series of sculptural works by fiber artist Caitlin McCormack features a variety of meticulously crocheted, skeletal specimens displayed on heavily textured, velvet-covered blocks. McCormack began working on them in Philadelphia and completed them as an artist-in-residence at ChaNorth, located in the rural Hudson Valley, NY. Evoking medieval botanical imagery, taxidermy, and institutional taxonomical displays, each unraveling fossil is posited as an artifact of a memory, tethered to a surface and made viewable from a distance. McCormack utilizes this body of work as a means of processing traumatic recollections, through the act of painstakingly generating and then literally pinning each sculpture into a static composition, recontextualizing moments of grief, terror, and rage as beautiful specimens. The distinction between the viewer and the object is reinforced by notions such as fabrication versus reality, inauthenticity versus accuracy, and animation versus death.”

Caitlin McCormack is a Philadelphia-based textile artist who works primarily with crocheted cotton thread, which is stiffened with glue and positioned to resemble osteological specimens. These works convey her thoughts regarding the manner in which memories become distorted over time. With the addition of vintage fabrics and found objects, the sculptures build upon a very personal taxonomy of creatures symbolizing Caitlin's memories and experiences, and allow her to explore the ways that craft intersects with gender, the navigation of trauma, and the relationship between cloth and living, organic forms.
Her works have been displayed across the US and internationally, and have been featured in solo and group exhibitions at The Mütter Museum (Philadelphia), The Taubman Museum of Art (Roanoke VA), Mesa Contemporary Art Museum (Mesa AZ), Museum Rijswijk (The Netherlands), Rhodes Contemporary (London), Vanilla Gallery (Tokyo), Jonathan Levine Projects (Jersey City NJ), Feinkunst Krüger (Hamburg), Last Rites Gallery (NYC), Paradigm Gallery + Studio (Philadelphia), Red Truck Gallery (New Orleans), The Philadelphia Art Alliance, and most recently at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco.