Kristen Liu Wong | The Watchers

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The Watchers

9x 12 in

Mixed Media and acrylic gouache on pink card stock


Born and raised in San Francisco, Kristen Liu Wong left home at the tender age of 17 for Brooklyn to attend Pratt Institute where she would major in Illustration. Since graduating in 2013, she has shown extensively in numerous galleries on the East and West coasts and some places in between and beyond.

Kristen’s work blends everyday occurrences from her own life with abstracted elements of fantasy worlds and crude humor. Trained as an illustrator, Kristen tries to tell a story with every piece she makes, developing a personal and slightly sinister narrative within each painting. Using candy colors, heavy patterning, and tight compositions, the work draws inspiration from American folk art, the cartoons she watched as a kid, and her appreciation for architecture. She is always striving to make work that is highly personal but altered enough to allow individual interpretations to be applied to every story she paints.