WIZARDSKULL | Sexy Ronald 10” Vinyl Toy | Old Glory Edition

WIZARDSKULL | Sexy Ronald 10” Vinyl Toy | Old Glory Edition

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10″ Vinyl figure designed by Wizard Skull based on his world famous design!

The "Old Glory" Edition is limited to 200 pieces world wide.

Produced by UVD Toys!

WIZARDSKULL Is an artist living and working in Brooklyn NY. As a teenager he started skateboarding, and immersed himself in the subculture by designing t-shirts and skateboard graphics, and skateboarding in local shop videos. His artwork has been featured on over 200+ skateboard graphics for  companies from Norway, Russia, England, and all over the US and rest of the world. Both he and his art has appeared in numerous skateboard magazines including Thrasher.
Adopting the moniker of Wizard Skull and abandoning freelance design work, he began wheat pasting his art all around New York. One of his most often wheat pastes was "Sexy Ronald", a buff version of Ronald McDonald wearing only underwear with fries popping out of them. People began photographing and sharing images of it on social media which led to the image going viral several times and getting bootlegged, then sold on t-shirts in Thailand. This also led to his art being exposed to a larger audience.