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Xavier Schipani | Mortal Machine Art Gallery | New Orleans

I graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2007 with a BFA, Painting Concentration. I am currently living and working in Austin floating somewhere in between the design and fine arts world, Marrying the two by doing Mural Work and larger scaled installations.

My personal work explores the male identity in crisis as a result of toxic masculinity, where transgender males act as stewards of observation by sharing their experience. My new work shifts the focus from these toxic stereotypes of “what makes a man?” to “what makes a trans man?”  thus creating an observable history of a new identity. 

I like to think that we are all in transition thus chasing our desire and that labels only impede our progress. Pleasure and sexuality are important themes of my work, seeking to create positive energy surrounding bodies often in turmoil. The large scale of my work is intentional and references the “monumental” loss we have experienced by not representing queer identities historically. It seeks to construct safe spaces for people to openly view and discuss the relationship and curiosity that surrounds them. I use my work to create dialogues that I hope are helpful not only in offering visibility for trans bodies but contribute to the advancement of society’s role in celebrating them.