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19” X 18” Acrylic on Wood

With a commitment to creating and curating surprising forms of visual art, Daniel “Attaboy” Seifert has forged a varied career, often fusing subversion with disconcerting whimsy.

Atta’s recent installation “The Cradle of Life”, for example, is an interactive art installation depicting a decomposing but vibrant-with-life throne which sits two rulers. Participants sit and rock side to side, creating a pleasant rocking motion akin to a newborn in a crib. Other works include sculptural paintings on levels of layered wood, which investigate themes of death, decomposition and rebirth.

Attaboy’s work has been seen in books, magazines, galleries, museums, television and many designer stores. His influences include Alexander Calder, Maurice Nobel, Eyvinde Earle, Dr. Seuss, and the futurist Syd Mead.

Atta has done numerous talks and presentations at art schools, companies, book stores, museums and galleries, Topics have included discussing his creative process, his former career as a toy designer, his children’s books, his partnership with Annie Owens, creating concepts from scratch and finding inspiration in unlikely places.