Chloe Kovska | Love Me A Strong Woman

Chloe Kovska | Love Me A Strong Woman

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‘Love me a strong woman.’
16x20inch acrylic and aerosol on stretch canvas

Melbourne based artist Chloe Kovska’s work spans colour and arousal in perfect stylistic execution. From cum-covered characters, cartoon peep-shows and sexualised fast-food objects, her work invites the viewer to “do it”, if it feels good.

Some of the first places that Chloe Kovska discovered the aesthetics she liked most, was in comic books, fantasy art, and sneakily watching erotic and vintage cartoons.

Banned toons are her favorite, and she “love-love(s) foreign ones.” Sourced from the pulp fiction and underground erotica of names such as Gene Bilbrew, Robert Crumb and Frank Franzetta, Kovska’s artistic affect is that of arousal—of sexual arousal, of fanciful arousal, of memory arousal.

“Cartoons are light-hearted and fun, and sex, sadly, is still seen as such a taboo topic, yet is such a big part of us all, whether you are willing to admit that or not. I feel it’s nice to merge the two together and birth awareness to not be afraid, ashamed or suppressed by something that can be so beautiful between people (provided, both, or however many, are consenting). Sexuality is something to be embraced and educated about.”