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Little Blue
completed 2023
Cast glass and ceramic
6” h x 7” w x 2” d
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We are so excited to work with Christina Bothwell, and I hope you fall in love with her process as much as I did! Bothwell's work is a series of bewitching sculptures that seamlessly blend the delicate coolness of glass and the earthy warmth of ceramics. Sculpted by hand, each piece is a testament to the intricate artistry and dedication that Bothwell pours into its creation.

Bothwell's process begins with the meticulous casting of glass chunks into plaster molds, which are then fired in a kiln. These initial glass sculptures are first hand-shaped from warmed beeswax, later serving as molds for the molten glass. The glass is slowly cooled through an annealing process, sometimes spanning a month or more, depending on its thickness.

Once the glass emerges cool and flawless, the sculptor gently chisels away the refractory materials, revealing the transparent figure within. Air-powered grinding tools are then used to polish and smooth the work. The magic truly unfolds when the fired ceramic elements are affixed to the glass. The bond is carefully created because glass and ceramics cannot coexist in a single mold.

The final stage involves additional detailing and, at times, a touch of oil paint applied with miniature brushes. These exquisite sculptures are the result of months, sometimes even a year, of painstaking work, resulting in the creation of enigmatic figures. Each sculpture turns into a ghostly chimera, fragile in appearance, but created from the fusion of patience and the alchemical dance of heat.

These wall sculptures are a harmonious marriage of artistic ingenuity and technical craftsmanship, serving as unique and mesmerizing adornments for any space. A testament to the Bothwell's dedication and vision, they capture the essence of both fragility and strength.