Graham Yarrington | Vengeful Diety

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Vengeful Deity
Ink and Acrylic Gouache on Rives BFK paper

Graham Yarrington invites us into a world that is uniquely his own, and while it is shrouded in a tangible gloom and provides a home to a myriad of mysterious supernatural oddities, it still offers us light and hope. The darkness which pervades Yarrington’s work and which largely stems from his personal experiences with death, is counterbalanced with the glimmering luminescence of an optimistic connection with the unknown. Shrines and sacred objects present themselves with vivid clarity amidst monochrome scenes and afford sanctification from sadness, desolation and the endless distractions that accompany our contemporary existence in the technological era.

Graham Yarrington was born in 1991 in Rochester, New York and is currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. An illustration senior who graduated from the prestigious Pratt Institute, Graham has been making waves on the gallery circuit, exhibiting his paintings at the likes of the Cotton Candy Machine and Gallery1988. His work as also received recognition and praise from high profile publications such as Juxtapoz and inspirational art blogs Supersonic Art and BOOOOOOOM.