LARRY BULLER | Black All Seeying Eye Vase

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"All Seeing Eye Vase 2022 

Low Fire Clay, Decals, Gold Luster and Gems

14.4" Tall 6" Wide 3" Depth


My art at first glance suggests the domestic, ornamental nature of ceramic objects, but upon closer look one discovers a showy, transgressive content that is conceptualized around issues of gay sexuality, the phallus and sexual fetish objects.  These highly decorative pieces resonate with my varied experiences as a gay man.  Clay presents one endless possibilities for form and surface decoration and is therefore the perfect medium for my subversive intentions. 

I use decals,  gold luster, fake fur, glitter and plastic gem stones to "queer up" the surface quality of my work and in doing so also question the nature of what is considered to be in "good taste" for the domestic setting.  In a larger sense, I feel that my work acts as a metaphor for my life as an out gay man who does not often "fit in" to the conventional role society defines for men.  My intention is not to shock the viewer but rather to create a dialog around topics generally not openly discussed in "polite" society around issues of masculinity, sexual expression between men and the roll of fetish objects in the gay community.