Max Kuhn | David Wojnarowicz in N. Mexico

Max Kuhn | David Wojnarowicz in N. Mexico | Mortal Machine Gallery

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"David Wojnarowicz in N. Mexico"
12" x 14" x 6" enamel, denim on tin and wood


Max Kuhn (b.1989) is a multimedia artist from Richmond, Virginia. The son of an itinerant mural painter, Kuhn’s education and approach in art are influenced heavily by this early example and the economic insecurity of his upbringing. After dropping outofhighschoolat age 15, he began tattooing in 2008 to support an already established transient lifestyle. His work is deeply autobiographical and narrative while using visual language and techniques borrowed from early 20th century folk and commercialarts-tattooing,sign painting and woodcarving. Drawing influence from punk zines, he has compiled and self published multiple book and audio packages of his work. In more recent years, Kuhn has had several solo exhibitions and attended artist residencies at 100W Corsicana,Sou’wester Arts and others. His paintings and dioramas are widely collected by an international audience