Mike Shine | Donnie Shoe Lifts

Mike Shine | Donnie Shoe Lifts | Mortal Machine Gallery New Orleans

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Donnie Shoe Lifts 

9” X 12” Housepaint on Wood panel

”Trump fancies himself a mob don, but if Scorsese were to put him in a film, this would be his nickname. And he would die horribly in the first act.” 

 Mike Shine's interests range from surfing to carnivals, and his dynamic approach to art making manifests as immersive installations, which he's created throughout the Bay Area at local museums, galleries, and even at his home in Bolinas, "The Shine Shack." His artwork is inspired by carnival aesthetics and his own narrative about Dr. Flotsam, a clown character who represents the darker aspects of life, and was inspired by the legend of Faust and the fictional demon, Mephistopheles.

 A portion of the profits will be donated to the ACLU