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20” X 30” X 4” Mixed media

Otto Splotch, the illustrator whose name well suits his work, which drips in splotches of colour, combines the absurd and the gross (and sometimes even the perverted) with beautifully detailed handiwork. Based in the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans, which he describes as “a wild and dysfunctional party city that requires a specific skillset to live [there],” Otto spends his time between his day job painting Mardi Gras Floats and creating numerous experimental books pushing his illustration practice forward.

Maintaining his creative juices through the day while refining his painting skills on the floats, in his spare time Otto delves into the more experimental side of his practice. Combining his signature theme of the absurd with a mode of illustration which is heavy on the detail, the American illustrator ultimately strives towards “being edgy and vocal while maintaining some level of tact.” For Otto, happy accidents have always served an important role in driving his practice forward. It allows him to be experimental as he never knows what can come out of taking creative risks.