Ravi Zupa | Clever

Ravi Zupa | Clever

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Clever (2024)
Torn screenprints, relief, toner, intaglio, and offset lithograph prints, acrylic, mounted on wood with matte medium


We are delighted to feature the artist Ravi Zupa in our upcoming exhibition Pupil Portals. Ravi has provided us with insights into his artistic process:

"The pieces in the show exemplifies my 'Print Based Originals' style. Each component starts as a traditional drawing or painting on paper, which I then transform through various printmaking techniques like screen printing, relief printing, and block printing. I tear apart and recombine these printed fragments to construct entirely new compositions.

My artwork draws inspiration from historical art across cultures and eras. The 'Print Based Originals' approach pays homage to the innovative work of artists like Robert Rauschenberg, Mimo Rotella, and Jacques Villeglé, who pioneered the incorporation of found materials into their art."

Through his meticulous process, Ravi Zupa breathes new life into traditional art forms, inviting viewers to experience the fusion of diverse artistic influences in his creations.

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