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Sean Yseult | Messengers

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Dorveille by Sean Yseult

Archival Pigment Prints on premium matte paper.

Titled with edition, signed, and dated on front.

13.3/8” x 20” prints: Limited Edition of 20

1st editions ONLY include the price of framing with museum glass, gratis.
Framing for any other editions (2-20) available as framed in show, $100.00

Editions 1-3 : $1250 Editions 4-6 : $1500 Editions 7-9 : $1750 Editions 10-20 : TBD
Artist Proofs (AP): Artist retains lifetime right to produce TEN (10)
any size – i.e. gigantic or tiny or . . .
Museum Purchase Only: THREE (3)
Reserved for future if editions sells out.

Strictly reserved for permanent Museum destinations only.


Dorveille by Sean Yseult Artist Statement:

Dorveille is my newest photography collection, and yet it takes me back to my beginning.
Back in my teens, the first photos I ever shot were with an old Polaroid Land Camera. No matter what or whom I shot, the results were always mesmerizing. The photos were dreamlike, haunting, and timeless. Decades later, I still strive for those qualities, even if I have to use more modern means.These elements also describe dorveille: the dreamlike state between sleep and wakefulness. Many great artists and writers reference dorveille as their time of inspiration. It has certainly been an important time of day for me, when all is quiet and the mind can wander.
One morning I woke up early and ventured out with my camera. New Orleans was still asleep, and I wasn’t sure what I was looking for. Something urged me on from uptown to the levee. When I climbed to the top, everything was tucked in under a perfect blanket of fog. I felt as though I was in a dream, and had to capture every moment and scene. I wandered alone for hours in the fog, under a spell. Everything was haunting and magical: even an array of industrial refuse looked beautiful.
I began to read the late night weather reports. At the Fly, a concrete path with wooden benches and lamps transformed into an eerie and beautiful night in Paris circa1800s. In Audubon Park the centuries old Live Oaks are magical enough on their own. But the fog created a fairy tale for me to wander through. Later in the French Quarter, I came across a Steamboat - not blasting calliope music and steam, but docked silently in the fog.
In real life, I am unable to capture the dream, the haunting, or the moment. Here I have documented proof. I think of these photos as my reward: I am elated to have captured these magical dream-like moments during the hours of dorveille.