Slobby Robby | Nike X Playboy 2

Slobby Robby | Nike X Playboy 2

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24” X 36” Collage

framed and ready to hang

Slobby is the owner of his very on thrift store called Generation Cool. The store is located in Tucson, Arizona and he sales everything from vintage designer to collectibles from the 80’s and 90’s. This guy is a visual artist and he knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to vintage. Not only does he sale vintage items, but he also buys and trades vintage from all over the world. He has created a market for people who are trying to find specific items from specific time periods. He buys these items for little or nothing and triples his profit. He also refurbishes vintage pieces to make them more current.

“Slobby’s World” on Netflix is the show on vintage love you never knew you needed! This reality show is based around Slobby Robby (AKA Robert Hall), who I consider one of the most influential vintage collectors of this generation.