Steve Casino | Jackson In The Box

Steve Casino | Jackson In The Box

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Jackson In The Box (2023) Multimedia Object D'Art

Another favorite of ours in Casino's Jack In The Box series (some of you remember the Andy Warhol one which was snatched up before we even put it on display) and now we bring you another art legend, Abstract Expressionist god, Jackson Pollock!

The box is fully operational with Pollock jumping out when you wind the box up, we cannot confirm if the surprise is a splash of paint, you'll have to find out for yourself!

Steve Casino made a significant impact on the art scene with his innovative creations rooted in peanuts. Drawing on his design knowledge and a lifelong passion for toys, he crafts pop-culture caricatures and scenes using peanuts, Coke cans, old game cartridges, and various other unconventional materials. His unique approach has captivated collectors, showcasing his creativity and ability to transform seemingly ordinary items into extraordinary, yet accessible works of art.