Steve Mosley | Patience Bottles 18

Steve Mosley | Patience Bottles 18 | Mortal Machine Galley

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Painted miniatures inside a glass bottle.

Steve Moseley was  born in Louisville, Kentucky on Tax Day.  He received a degree in Chemistry from the University of Louisville, and worked as a medical research technician there for ten years. There he met his future wife and following the birth of their first child, embarked on a second career as a stay at home dad and trophy husband. He has always taken an interest in making models.  Taking the advise of a friend, he switched from building ships-in-the-bottle to Patience Bottles soon after moving to St. Louis.  A year or so later he developed a rare auto-immune disease, Primary Central Nervous System Vasculitis. After several years of fighting the disease, Steve is now in remission and his passion and creative outlet has turned to building Patience Bottles, also known as Whimsey Bottles.