Syd Bee | Devoir

Syd Bee | Devoir

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Title: Devoir 
Media: oil on wood
Size: 11X14 (framed)
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Syd lives near Seattle and received her BFA magna cum laude from Cornish College of the Arts. By day, she paints statues for a toy company. By night, she paints her daydreams. She enjoys poetry, horror movies, and songs about lost love

"Syd Bee is a Seattle-based painter whose work seems plucked directly from the dream world. Bee uses rich, rosy tones in much of her art while exploring somber themes and emotions, and the marriage of these opposing elements gives her pieces a surreal, otherworldly quality. This dichotomy invites the viewer to dive deep into her beautifully eerie art, exploring the story told in each piece." - Kindra Nikole, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine

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