TMWRLND | Rad Fink Screen Printed Edition

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Rad Fink Screen Printed Edition “
Two color hand pulled screen print on salvaged antique wall paper from the 1950’s.
individual print has a unique background, with over 30 different patterns in the edition.
Acrylic and cel vinyl on antique paper stock. 8.5 x 11 inches.
Hand deckled edges.
Signed, numbered and dated with graphite on the back.
10 Available from Edition of 30 
$200 Each.

( B. 1985 - Weert, Netherlands. ) 

Arrived in Los Angeles, CA in 1987. Introduced to skateboarding, graffiti, punk rock and heavy metal during the early 90s while living in Hollywood, CA. Currently based out of Detroit. 

The use of found materials and installing art on the street stems from a deeply ingrained DIY ethos of using whatever elements are available, in whatever environment, as a form of radical self-expression. 

TMRWLND is inspired by the art of the everyday, and the process of getting to tomorrow.