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TMRWLND Compendium book - hardcover first edition with screen printed inside page.
TMRWLND, spoken as “Tomorrow Land,” is the creative brainchild of Los Angeles based artists Tina St. Claire and Dereck Seltzer, who in 2013 created a zine that showcased the black and white illustrations that provided the skeletal structure for the collaborative process which they became best known for.
This hardcover edition of TMRWLND is an unabridged compendium of the first 3 sold out zines, with additional previously unpublished material created before the untimely passing of Tina St. Claire in 2016.
With over 100 original drawing’s, design’s and pattern’s this book provides a unique look at the artistic processes of the two Los Angeles based artist’s and a intimate guide into the world of TMRWLND.
Signed edition of 7 with a unique screen printed page available only in this book.

( B. 1985 - Weert, Netherlands. ) 

Arrived in Los Angeles, CA in 1987. Introduced to skateboarding, graffiti, punk rock and heavy metal during the early 90s while living in Hollywood, CA. Currently based out of Detroit. 

The use of found materials and installing art on the street stems from a deeply ingrained DIY ethos of using whatever elements are available, in whatever environment, as a form of radical self-expression. 

TMRWLND is inspired by the art of the everyday, and the process of getting to tomorrow.