Yu Maeda | Spiritual Deer

Yu Maeda | Spiritual Deer

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Spiritual Deer (2021)
acrylic on paper 
Size : 4x5" (image size) on 8x10”
Year : 2021

Yu Maeda was born in 1984 in Kumamoto, Japan. Now based in Japan he has been active in the art scene for years. He is known for his paintings, murals, graphic designs and animations. 

Yu Maeda is a graduate from the Kyoto Seika University. During his development and while in Tokyo he has developed a lot of commercial animation artwork. Some people might associate his name with his website’s name, ‘Core Pop.’ His choice on the name is actually so accurate since he uses a lot of clean colours as a core that simply pop out while observing his artwork.  His art is vibrant and psychedelic with nice bright shades and a beautiful complexity of the Tibetan Buddhist mandala. One would think that because of all the knives, brain, blood his art will be classified as ‘dark art’ but the feeling is completely the opposite. His art can be found in and among places like, Adult Swim, Japan’s NHK channel, Superchief Gallery and the Giant Robot gallery.

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