A Mirror Within | Curated by Hydeon

Opening April 1st 2022 at Mortal Machine at 940 Royal Street, we are proud to bring you a beautiful collection of works, guest curated by Ian Ferguson (Hydeon) featuring new works from Marina Mika (Berlin, Germany), Aron Lorincz (Budapest, Hungary) and himself..

Ian Ferguson (AKA Hydeon) is a contemporary artist and designer living and working in Brooklyn, New York. He was born in 1985 in National City, CA and grew up in San Diego. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of California – San Diego in 2006. Ferguson’s work is an expression of observations and visual memoirs from his life experience. The characters, architecture, and imagery used in his work are all conduits for telling stories and sharing ideas. Ferguson’s work is largely inspired by: ancient civilizations, baroque, gothic, and victorian era architectural movements, medieval, folk, and outsider art, ancient myths, fairy tales, and ideas of consciousness. His illustrative style and subjects form together in an effort to inspire introspection and employ aesthetic unity.

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Marina Mika is a Croatian artist / illustrator based in Berlin. Illustrative works are hand drawn with pen and ink (mostly in black & white) in a minimalistic, but very detailed style. Graphics and characters are inspired by the Secession movement as well as the Art Deco style, New Romantic era and Japanese graphics.

Áron Lőrincz (Budapest, Hungary) finds the themes of his paintings mainly in the world of beliefs, legends and supernatural phenomena and examines their social and scientific explanations in the context of the age. The truth is legitimized by science and the solution of a problem or a question is usually influenced by the current paradigm and ideology that is disproved from time to time with new explanations. Today supernatural beings that attack at night are explained as sleep paralysis. The visual and sonic hallucinations, together with the paralysis of the limbs or even organs were difficult to explain for science earlier when religion and superstitions controlled men’s thoughts. The blurred state of consciousness on the border of sleep and wakefulness may be able to visualize demons during intense panic, as the causes of this helpless situation are unexpected and unknown.Those who have experienced it find the truth of a non-worldly phenomenon convincing, at least initially, because the experience is so intense and seemingly real. Rational, scientific interpretation is opposed to the strong emotional impact of the phenomenon. The feeling is the same, the appearance of the creatures varies by age and culture, but can the explanation be purely scientific?

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