New Work From Jason Borders

We are super happy to have a selection of new works by Jason Borders arriving end of September!

“My work is a form of self-hypnosis. It’s a way of turning off cognitive thought and simply reacting. Its very meditative. It is escapism, though in a certain sense, it’s a form of hyper-existence- of living purely in the moment. In this way the work becomes a method of overcoming fears. That said, a large part of what I do involves a familiarization with death. My belief is that, as painful as it can be, looking directly at death helps you to live your life with intent and purpose. In this light, the work I do delves into a place where the lines between life, death, fantasy and reality are blurred.”

Jason Borders carved bone and skulls straddle the border between Art and Artifact. They are truly magical and hypnotic pieces.