Pop Royale

Warhol knew he was making a Frankenstein when he discovered Pop. He saw the inevitable future, the perennial icons of mass connection, the absurd hamster wheel of commodity, the raw power of sample culture. The brightly saturated loud mutant fun. Meaningless mash up trophies as reflecting pools for legends of vanity and fame.

Our childhood memories and heroes immortalized as screen printed safety blankets. I wish he could have seen how wild his monster went.

This collection represents some of our favorite modern pop artists, this includes some of our roster and some fresh faces we are super excited to work with.

-Gabriel Shaffer

Featuring new works from:

Please join us this Friday, April 15th 2022 at 7pm for the opening of Pop Royale!

As always, our openings are all ages, and free.

Mortal Machine Gallery 940 Royal Street New Orleans LA 70116