Those of y’all who are familiar with the program know we always go hard for our final exhibition. We have wrangled a razor sharp team for our booth at this years SCOPE Miami Here’s the lineup in alphabetical order:


BEEGATS- @beegats 

Jason Borders- @bordersjason 

Larry Buller- @larrybuller 

Daniel Martin Diaz- @danielmartindiaz 

Alex Garant- @alexgarantart 

Mab Graves- @mabgraves 

Kim Ha- 

Colin Holloway- @colin__holloway 

Scott Hove- @scotthove 

HOXXOH- @hoxxoh 

Isalu Ishii- @isalu_ishii 

Alex Eckman Lawn- @alexeckmanlawn 

Drew Leshko- @drewleshko 

Michele Melcher- @_michelemelcher_ 

Justin Henry Miller- @justinhenrymiller 

Chelsea Nyegaard- @chelseanyegaard 

PITR- @pizzaintherain 

Roxy Peroxyde- @roxyperoxyde 

RELM- @relmartist 

RIFFBLAST- @riffblast 

Alex Schaefer- @paintwithalex 

Max Seckel- @maxseckel 

Steve Seeley- @steveseeleyart


Scope runs from December 5th-10th and we will be in our usual booth A19


The interest in this collection will be high. Contact us for a collectors preview. Works will presell. 


Tickets and more info are available at


See you soon Miami🌞🐬🌴🌊


🎨 @paintwithalex