Stoop Kids Group Show

We are so stoked about our current group show “Stoop Kids.” It’s a perfect summer salon. Mixed  with elements of New Wave Pop, Hand Painted Signage on Salvaged Surfaces, Sardonic Humor, Ceramic NBA Classics, Punk/Folk Fusion, Goth Fiber Arts, Psychedelic Assemblage, and Digital Cubism.  

Featuring new works from:

@tmrwlndstudio - TMRWLND - Detroit,MI
@dirtworship - Caroline Caldwell - NYC
@gold_ropes - Ryan Strok - New Orleans 
@riffblast - Milan, Italy
@attayumfactory - Oakland,CA
@celinko_ - Los Angeles
@mister_caitlin - Philadelphia, PA
@justinhager - NYC

The collection is now on display at 940 Royal Street and Live on