The Cute Show

"Why “The Cute Show”? I feel like Cute is one of the most underrated, misunderstood forms of expression. I am obsessed with the reaction that cuteness can elicit, the confusing violent reaction that arises when confronted with extreme cuteness. Extreme cuteness triggers a response that is nearly irresistible. A physical AND emotive state unlocking a biological response. Almost a sleeper response. Being confronted with cuter stimuli triggers MORE brain activity, the flood of aggression is the way the body tries to control the overwhelming high your body feels.

Cuteness can also be the erotization of powerlessness. The complicated power dynamic fed by the feeling of dominance over the unthreatening object, which in turn, exerts its OWN influence on the beholder.. "

Elza Burkart- Gallery Manager

Here is the Lineup:
Evita Flores
Courtney Welch
Po Yan Leung
Zoe Williams
Dena Sieferling
Ella May
Camilla d' Errico
Valency Genis
Messy Desk
Karla Pereira
Laura Colors
Amanda Adomaitis
Rene Cuvos
Blake Jones
Gerlanda di Francia
Sean Chao
Toasty Tuna
Theodor Johansson
Opening Reception: Friday 3/3/23 7-10PM at 940 Royal Street and
Contact us to receive a collectors preview. Works will Presell