Heather Sundquist Hall

Heather Sundquist Hall (b. 1982) is an artist based in Central Texas by way of Long Island, NY and Philadelphia, PA. Her work is heavily influenced by narratives and details.

Primarily working in gouache paint, Heather’s subjects serve as an attempt to preserve fleeting memories like souvenirs from a road trip.

Much of Heather’s focus is the landscape as well as the details. She and her family have lived in Texas for over a decade. The vast terrain of the romantic southwest and it’s awe striking skies have become staples to her work. These transient landscapes often contrast with discarded objects throughout her pieces that are littered with details. It’s the subtle floral pattern on a curtain, or the kind of plaid a certain couch was that she sat on at her grandmothers in November of 1986 that she is most attracted to explore.

It is Heather’s hope that she can invite viewers of her work to pause for a brief quiet moment, affording them a chance to return to their own stories and recall the magic in the everyday and occasionally overlooked.

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