"Time waits for no man" has long been the catalyst that has propelled man to make use of his conscious existence. Time is an observable quantity created by man to keep track of the motions of our mysterious Universe. Yet now, perhaps more than ever does man seek to use time to alleviate the pressures of an unexplainable existence through applications that measure and calculate the value of our time. 


Posts and likes on social networks, the stock market’s peaks and falls, little monitors in our hands, monitoring us, always counting, ticking up and down, drowning us in sensory overload. Making us believe that time can be tracked and controlled in a convenient algorithm. Disguising time in programs meant to objectify and symbolize our presence as a glorified status amongst the cosmos.  


Ultimately making us forget that time is the grandest mystery of them all. A mystery that won't truly reveal its secrets through hi-tech engineering. It is an energy that determines it's own course of action. 


Inertia intertwined with matter and an elusive vibration, infinitely and unforgivingly.


Douglas Hoekzema, aka Hoxxoh attempts to show us a different way of viewing time through a means of exploring its natural fabric. His work creates a new foundation and approach to evaluating and appreciating time. The oscillation of the pendulum paints time through gravity’s natural pull. Expressing how we can be pulled in one direction, when we are really meant to be going in another. How resistance creates a struggle and a false sense of control. Where if we follow the natural flow of times predetermined, yet unseen path, an experience of beauty and pure form will take shape.


Hoxxoh's work isn't about the ebbs and flows of time eventually determining whether our existence will stand to be recognized, but instead serves to show that time in itself is a beautiful energy meant to be marveled at. His works represent what happens when we let go of our control of time and let its predetermined course take control. Spheres of life are on display, illustrating the motions of space and time working in unison to create natural order. His paintings depict time as a sweet ride that flows by mixing spontaneity with precision. The physical presence of time displayed in its most natural form. 


As Hoxxoh’s pendulum swings, never touching the canvas, it's hypnotizing motions serve to show us that in the end, everything seems to have ended up in its proper place. 


Attempting to control what we have no control over is a blank canvas. Letting go of our preconceived notion of time is what Hoxxoh’s work shows us.


By Andrew Leshin

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