Niagara Detroit

Niagara Detroit is a multidisciplinary artist known for her bold, feminist artwork that blends pop art, comics, and pin-up aesthetics. Her signature "Niagara Girl" characters depict strong, dangerous women who subvert traditional gender roles.

Detroit first gained recognition in the early 1990s for her collage and mixed media works combining pop iconography. Her breakout exhibitions "All Men Are Cremated Equal" (1996) and "Faster Niagara, Kill...Kill" (1997) at Detroit's CPop gallery established her as a rising star, earning her the moniker "The Queen of Detroit" from Juxtapoz magazine.

Her iconic femmes fatales, with their voluptuous figures and confrontational poses, draw inspiration from 1940s film noir icons like Bette Davis and Lauren Bacall. In the early 2000s, Detroit shifted to her lush "Opium Series," rendering world-weary beauties amidst swirling smoke and intricate Asian patterns.

Detroit's multi-disciplinary work has been exhibited internationally in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Tokyo and more. Her art has been featured on album covers, clothing lines, and limited edition prints and shoes. A 2006 career retrospective "Beyond The Pale" chronicled her artistic journey across mediums.

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