Jason Borders | Rez Protector

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Rez Protector 
Approximately 50" X 22" X 9"

Hand Carved Longhorn Skull, Walnut Ink, Beeswax

Jason Borders is an acclaimed artist whose medium of choice is the organic canvas of animal skulls. His intricate carvings emerge through an intuitive process, eschewing premeditated designs in favor of allowing each piece to evolve organically.

 Borders enters a quasi-meditative state, surrendering conscious control to let his hands navigate the skull's contours and his subconscious guide the creation of forms, creatures, and symbolic motifs. This spiritually-infused methodology taps into a universal well of inspiration, birthing artworks that transcend temporal and cultural boundaries. Through his masterful employment of fundamental artistic elements like line, rhythm, and repetition, Borders imbues each skull with a timeless, archetypal quality. The end results are as primal as the bones themselves, yet imbued with profound contemporary relevance.