PITR | La Guadalupana Mexicana

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La Guadalupana Mexicana
24” x 24”
Acrylic on panel
This piece is currently on exhibition in "The New Salon" at the Asheville Museum of Art through August 18th.

PizzaInTheRain (or PITR) is a self-taught, Chicago based artist who revels in collaborating with other artists and working on intensive annual projects, most of which involve putting up multiple pieces of unsanctioned figurative work on walls across Chicago, the US and overseas.   

PITR was interested in illustration at a young age, but never received any formal art training. He cut his teeth early with graffiti, but abandoned tagging and artistic pursuits after junior high. Over time, the work of Banksy, Cleon Peterson and Borondo inspired him to refocus on drawing, painting and public art.

PITR finds inspiration in the concept of public art and the underlying deviance that goes along with creating and painting anywhere, regardless of permission. The tranquil early morning hours, while the city is just beginning to stir and awaken, is when PITR finds himself painting on the street. His work is almost exclusively on unsanctioned walls, but he looks for places that are non-malicious.  His pieces are often site-specific as he likes his work to harmoniously interact with the surrounding area.  In addition to Chicago, PITR has done work in Miami, New Orleans, Portland, New York, LA, Paris, London and a smattering of other European cities.