Fresh Blood | A Vampire Group Show

We have an insane lineup in store for 🩸Fresh Blood🩸 A vampire themed group show featuring new works from:

Mike Egan | @mikeeganart
Jeremy Hush | @jeremyhush
Louis Braquet | @louisbraquet
Theo Ellsworth | @theo_ellsworth_
Max Seckel | @maxseckel
Rachel O’Donnell | @rachelodonnell
MC Monster | @mc__monster
Martin Ontiveros | @martinheadrocks
Kawaii Suga | @kawaii.suga
Alex Kuno | @alexkuno
Future Shock | @future_shock 
Kamila Mlynarczyk | @woodedwoods
Katie Gamb | @katie_gamb
Joe Vollan | @joevollan
Rene Cuvos | @rene_cuvos
Mary Syring | @marysyring
Bennett Slater | @bennett_slater
Dory Why Not | @dorywhynot
Peca |
Thomas Ascott | @tascott
Caroline Caldwell | @torture_fantasy
Jacob Gerard | @_jacob_gerard
David de La Mano | @daviddelamano_
Elza Burkart | @elzaburkart
Gabriel Shaffer | @gabrielshaffer

Opening reception is Friday October 28th, 7-10PM-ish at 940 Royal Street and

In addition Caroline Caldwell will be in town doing xxxtra special tattoos!! Contact us to book your reservation now! Availability is super limited 🤘

Contact us to be added to the collectors preview🧛‍♂️