Chris Cunningham | Bite My Shiny Metal Ass

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 ‘Bite My Shiny Metal Ass’

Acrylic on Wood Panel


Framed in Black Tray Frame



Artist Statement 


Contemporary artist Chris Cunningham describes his painting style as an eye melting mix of low brow pop surrealism. Heavily Inspired by his love of low brow art forms, he works with an eclectic range of imagery sourced from the nostalgic worlds of comic books, cartoons, bootleg toys and skateboard graphics. Through his own subversive lens, he reworks these familiar images and weaves them into his work to form new confrontational narratives. There is a playful sense of duality in his work that aims to juxtapose the past and present. He often uses the nostalgic icons and familiar imagery of the past to promote deeper discourse on the issues we face in modern society.