Michele Melcher | Lady In A Festive Costume

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Title - Lady in a Festive Costume
Medium - Oil on panel
Dimensions - 11.5”x13.5”  in oval antique wood frame
Year - 2021
Price - $1500

Michele Melcher is a classically trained fine artist and illustrator. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1997 from the renowned University of the Arts located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For over twenty years Michele has honed her craft as an illustrator specializing in editorial, portraiture and advertising for clients such as Vox, AARP, American Express, The Chicago Tribune and Smithsonian Magazine.

All the while she has been creating and showing her work in galleries both regionally and internationally. Michele’s work follows themes of folklore, legends, the supernatural and the natural sciences. Her latest paintings pay homage to the decadence of 18th and 19th century portrait masters as well as her interest in the themes and symbolism of vanitas and mementomori.

Michele creates and lives in the historic village of Carversville, Pennsylvania with her loving husband and her two black cats.