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Bacchus (2023)
16” X 24” Framed and ready to hang in a  white wooden frame with 1" white mat.

Transport yourself to the dream girl slumber party of your dreams with this stunning 35mm print. Captured in snapshot style, the image showcases a woman'adorned in a lustrous satin robe, delicately concealed by a cluster of grapes. A touch of whimsy fills the scene as a graceful black cat indulges in a sip from a champagne coupe. The photograph's saturated flash evokes a sense of nostalgia, while its subtlety and inherent beauty captivate the viewer. Immerse yourself in an era of retro allure, where timeless elegance intertwines with a hint of playfulness. This limited-edition 35mm print is a true embodiment of artistry and an exquisite addition to any collection, destined to enchant both vintage enthusiasts and discerning art connoisseurs alike.

Chelsea Nyegaard is a self-taught photographer 35mm photographer. Her photos are a statement on femininity, space, and American lifestyle. Chelsea draws inspiration from New Orleans and New York city and her shifting concept of home.