Ishmael Leaver | Transnet Africa

Ishmael Leaver | Transnet Africa

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Ishmael Leaver

Transnet Africa

48 x 48

Enamel,latex and aerosol on pvc board
Sill steps and ladder rungs are made of silicone

Ishmael Leaver, a Spanish-born artist raised in the Southeastern United States, found inspiration in Daniel Quinn's 1992 novel "Ishmael." Delving into Quinn's exploration of "new tribalism," societal ethics, and hopes for a sustainable future, Ishmael adopted the novel's title as his artist name.  

Ishmael delves into trompe l'oeil, particularly through his hyper-realistic boxcar trains. These 2D works, adorned with graffiti, create the illusion of heavy, rusted train cars as if sectioned from a real-life train. However, each piece is meticulously crafted from PVC board and silicone-molded handrails before being painted with acrylics and aerosols. This medium allows Ishmael to explore endless possibilities in surface texture and design, and effectively demonstrates his esteemed background in graffiti painting, to which he is completely self taught.