KIM HA | Disco Star II

KIM HA | Disco Star II

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Disco Star II (2024)

35mm film print | 11"X14" in White Frame | Ready to Hang

The latest photographs in Kim Ha's acclaimed "Full Set" series are a dazzling celebration of maximalist beauty and self-expression. Titled "Disco Star," this new film-shot set features renowned burlesque performer Aria DeLa Roche adorned with extravagantly intricate nail art creations that evoke the opulence of the disco era.

Ha's richly textured images revel in excess - from DeLa Roche's sparkling costumes and dramatic makeup to the astonishingly detailed nail designs that extend from her fingers like sculptural appendages. Shot on lustrous 35mm film, each frame radiates a warm, nostalgic glow that makes the nail art seem to glisten and shimmer. With "Disco Star," Ha continues her exploration of contemporary nail artistry as a mode of personal adornment and artistic practice, rendered here with a sumptuous, retro-futuristic flair. This visually stunning new set once again elevates the "Full Set" series to operatic levels of baroque beauty within the ongoing project's conceptual framework that has garnered acclaim from institutions like the Ogden Museum.

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