TOMO77 | Untitled

TOMO77 | Untitled

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Framed ink drawing on paper.


Tomo77 is an interdisciplinary artist based in Costa Rica. Driven by the world of circumstance, his work often explores themes of human behavior, capitalism, and pop culture in an immigrant’s context. 

Tomo’s love of expression began in graphic design 30 years ago. Out of curiosity and experimentation it has evolved into illustration, painting, collage, and murals.

“My choice of medium comes to me in whatever I’m feeling … English is my second language, and often my ideas are more easily understood through my work rather than my words. My hope, like anyone, is that people connect to my work and reflect on how their own behaviors impact their surroundings.” His work has appeared in exhibitions at La Luz de Jesus, One Grand Gallery, Mortal Machine, along with editorials in Hi-Fructose, Juxtapoz, Gestalten’s Editorial, and AI-AP New York two years running. You can often find him sourcing his latest ideas — people watching with a pen, notebook, and an Americano. 


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