Theodora Eliezer | Soft Decay | Deer Print

Theodora Eliezer | Soft Decay | Deer Print

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Soft Decay delves into the fascinating role of fungi as a natural internet, exploring the extended intelligence of the natural world. Inspired by research suggesting that fungi could provide a solution to the current plastic crisis, this body of work reclaims the concept of decomposition, repositioning it from the realm of the abject to a technology of care and nurturing.

Influenced by an anthropomorphic and animist perspective that attributes agency to both man-made and organic entities, Soft Decay represents an embrace of impermanence, finding beauty and meaning in loss. It asserts that the natural world is a benevolent caregiver that will help us rectify our ecological mistakes, if we allow it.

This ongoing series, which began in 2019, invites viewers to consider the restorative potential of fungi and the broader natural world, challenging us to rethink our relationship with decay and impermanence.

8"X10" Prints (Unsigned) Wrapped and backed.